About BlockSSHacking

BlockSSHacking brings improved protection to those ISPs or independent service providers that run SQL Server database servers and need for their clients to have remote access to those databases.
BlockSSHacking looks for hacking attempts and automatically blocks them.

This helps you in two ways:
a) Brute force hacking attemps will be foiled because they won't be able to run very long and
b) your network bandwidth will be preserved as soon a BlockSSHacking takes action.
BlockSSHacking runs as a Windows service protecting your SQL Server from brute force hacking attempts coming from the Internet.
The service checks your system every 5 minutes (configurable setting) for evidence of ongoing hacking. If such attempts are in progress then those source addresses are blocked from future access to your server (quickly leading to you recovering your bandwidth).
BlockSSHacking notifies you via email when it has blocked someone from hacking your system.

Download BlockSSHacking

Download the utility that will assist you in defending your server against SQL Server hacking attempts on port of your choice (default 1433).

You get to test it for 30 days for free.

7/30/2009 - Updated to take advantage of and interact with the Windows Firewall.
11/19/2007 - Updated to support user configurable port to monitor (default 1433).

Download BlockSSHacking

Buy BlockSSHacking

License at $20 per server.

** Note - The "Buy" button will attempt to open a new browser window, which your browser may prevent due to popup blocking (watch for this and let it open the new window).